TunnelPlus+ Barns


The next generation of tunnel ventilation combined with CowKühlerZ stall cooling to create the ultimate heat stress reducing system


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What sets the Tunnel Plus system apart?

  • It can be used in both tie stall and freestall barns – and even hog barns
  • Next generation, automated ventilation AND cooling system
  • Part 1: Air exchange system
    • Maxum Tech ventilation systems that adjust to the needs of the barn environment – hot or cold weather
    • A unique exhaust system focused on air exchange
      • The air exchange system allows for the minimum to maximum needs of the barn using creative air in-letting and lots of variability to adjust as needed
      • The most efficient use of fans designed to focus on their individual priority = to ventilate (exchange the air in the barn)
        • This is unlike older methods that used the tunnel to try to exchange the air and cool cows – this has been proven to not get the intended results and only add to increased energy costs.
  • Part 2: Stall air and cooling system
    • CowKuhlerZ fans and water are used to combat the heat stress that builds up in a cows’ core body, whether she’s laying in a stall or standing in the feed ally 
    • Cooling is far more than just blowing some air on the cows – Science has proven that the higher the airspeed, the more aggressive the use of water can be used to achieve proper evaporative cooling levels
      • With newer technology, variable speed, high-velocity air movement on the cows is taking evaporative cooling for cows to the next generation
    • Next generation cooling results in:
      • Lower, more consistent core body temperatures
      • Longer, more restful lie-down times
      • Less crowding
      • Lower somatic cell counts
      • Higher milk production
      • Higher, more consistent conception rates
  • Be the most consistent and efficient with each cow and she will thank you!