BrutePlus+ Holding Areas


Customized, automated ventilation and cooling systems designed for crowded holding areas, featuring high velocity air exchange and CowKühlerZ water cooling


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What sets Brute Plus apart?

  • The Ultimate Holding Area Ventilation and Cooling : Automated and staged for use only during milking times
    • Air exchange designed to handle the heat of cows crowded in a smaller area
    • High velocity, variable speed fans blasting air down around the cows
    • Multiple levels of water cooling designed to help cool cows’ core body temperatures
      • CowKuhlerZ designed to save water and cool the cows in mild, moderate and dangerous heat stress levels
      • Emergency Rain System designed for when temperatures are in the dangerous heat stress levels = this can help save their lives!
    • The Brute controller activates during milking times and stages the levels of cooling based on the temperatures within the holding area.  No need to have your workers remember to turn things on
  • The Brute plus holding area design protects your cows from:
    • Heat stress losses
    • Sudden death
    • Pregnancy losses
    • Temperature spikes
  • Check out this research by Elanco
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