Holding Areas

 Stop Holding Area losses with a system that monitors your herd 24/7 – Safe, Worry-free, Cow protection

What sets a +Tunnel Plus system apart?

              First,  Air exchange fans, designed to handle the extreme heat of crowded cows

              Second,  Kuhlblu, High velocity, variable speed fans, blasting air down around the cows

  • ThirdCowKuhlerZ water cooling system designed to cool the cows in mild, moderate and high heat stress levels
  • Fourth, Emergency-rain water system designed for dangerous heat stress levels = this can save a cow from dying!
  • Fifth, Automated Brute system controller,  eight (8) stages of  ventilation & water cooling as needed, based on the temperatures within the holding area.  Safe, Automated,  Worry-free.    
  • The  tunnel-plus-logo-png system for holding areas protects your cows from: 
    • Heat stress losses
    • Sudden death
    • Pregnancy losses
    • Temperature spikes
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