About Us

At Spring Valley Ag, our mission is to design the next generation of superior ventilation and cooling systems. 

Our parent company is Hershey Ag where “superior production systems” are a way of life. Created in 1980, this privately owned family business has since become a leader and specialist in the pork production industry.

Based out of Marietta, Pa., Hershey Ag manages five sow production sites and oversees everything from semen delivery and breeding sows to birthing piglets and manure management.

Hershey Ag has been involved in the design and the creation of over 70 swine barns, including the first tunnel ventilated grow-out barn in Pennsylvania in 1991. All barns were new construction and designed to produce hogs in a contract production arrangement between the producer and Hershey Ag. 

As pork production site managers, Hershey Ag has a deep understanding of the importance of superior ventilation systems. From birth to market, the ventilation demands of the pigs are constantly changing. That’s why our team of specialists visits each location weekly to adjust and fine-tune the ventilation systems so the pigs can continue to grow and reach their maximum potential.

Being in operation for over 35 years has allowed Hershey Ag to witness the swine industry’s transition to power ventilated barns, which has ultimately led to healthier, higher production hogs. Photos of our power ventilated sow barn can be seen here. Watch this video about our TunnelPlus+ sow facility. 

Our experiences in the pork industry have allowed us to perfect our knowledge of all livestock cooling and ventilation needs. Those experiences, plus our personal roles as livestock producers, allow us to relate to the needs of dairy producers. We live it just like you and we’re here to help you get to the next generation of your cooling and ventilation needs.

At Spring Valley Ag, we not only design and create systems tailored to your needs, but we also manage the systems, allowing them to work more efficiently and last longer. 

Research has shown that many losses – decreased milk production, pregnancy loss and even animal death – on the dairy farm are associated with heat stress. Eighty percent of our customers say they installed our systems to decrease and avoid those losses.  

We believe dairy producers are starting to see the advantages of power ventilation systems. Spring Valley Ag is your partner to design, build and maintain a next generation, superior ventilation system in your barn.

At Spring Valley Ag, we apply our understanding of good design and barn operations to give you the clear advantage for a system you can count on for years to come – done the right way the first time and made easy to operate.

We have developed more than 300 dairy ventilation systems in 17 states, setting the standard for the next generation of cow cooling. Our fully-automated systems help reduce heat stress and improve animal comfort, ultimately resulting in increased reproduction, increased laying time, increased dry matter intake and ultimately increased milk production. Whether it’s in your holding pen, over the freestalls or even over the bedded pack, we can design a system around what you and your cows need.

Don’t waste another day while your cows overheat and cut into your bottom line. Contact Spring Valley Ag today so we can design a next generation, superior ventilation and cooling system to fit your needs.